When should I change the cam belt on my Volvo XC60?

My 2017 Volvo D4 XC60 is almost five years old, having done 38,000 miles. My local independent garage say that the schedule for the cam belt change is either 10 years or 90,000 miles. Great advice unless its your car that is sitting at the side of the road with a ruined engine. What is the best advice as i am inclined to have the work done for my own peace of mind?

Asked on 28 September 2022 by Les Bertolone

Answered by Dan Powell
Five years or 60,000 miles (whichever comes first) is my advice. Most belt and water pump failures (we hear about) happen after this age/mileage and the damage is usually terminal for the life of the engine.

Your local garage may advise 90,000 miles/10 years, but they won't cover the cost of a new engine if the belt fails before then.
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