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My wife has recently renewed her insurance policy through Castle Cover (who I have used for years with car and house insurance). She completed the deal but a couple of days later she received a letter from Castle Cover advising that she was going to be charged another £36 because of a claim I had made on my car and not informed them of this.

This was following an incident in December 2008, when a Tesco's lorry slowly rolled into the front of my car, damaging the bumper and grill. After a lengthy period Tesco's paid up the full £900 for the repair. I had informed Castle Cover of the incident but did not make any CLAIM. All I did was what I thought the honest thing to do. By informing them of the situation. This is now held on a database somewhere.

My question is presumably this is legal but because it was a non-claim I had forgotten about it when my wife was filling out her details to Castle Cover but it makes out my wife and myself to be dishonest in not advising them at the time of wife's new contract with them. This is very upsetting for my wife as she is and has been for 18 years a Magistrate in the local area. How can they make a charge on what as basically a NO Claim.

Asked on 26 January 2011 by GR

Answered by Honest John
Unfortunately you were involved in a claim and that is now enough for many underwriters to regard you as a greater risk than someone who has not been involved in any claims.
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