Can I put E10 fuel in my Golf R?

My Volkswagen Golf R is recommended to run on super unleaded 98 RON which is now super expensive. I know the performance and mpg might drop slightly if I use 95 RON E10 fuel but will it damage the engine at all?

Asked on 16 May 2022 by Chris Godfrey

Answered by Lawrence Allan
It won't damage the engine by using 95 RON fuel, the car will adjust itself to the new fuel via the ECU but it will reduce the power output and engine response because your car is tuned and designed to run 98 RON. Expect slightly worse MPG, too. Why not try one of the cheaper supermarket high octane fuels? Tesco's 99 Momentum, for example, is recommended by many and is often only 6p/7p a litre more than 95.
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