What is the maximum towing weight for the Vauxhall Mokka?

I have a 2015 Vauxhall Mokka CDTI eco, what is the maximum braked trailer weight it can tow?

Asked on 25 January 2022 by JOHNATHAN TODD

Answered by Dan Powell
Braked towing weights for the Mokka tend to range from 1200kg to 1500kg. Without knowing which diesel engine your car has and its exact kerbweight, I can't tell you which towing category your car falls under.

The maximum braked towing weight will be on a plate or sticker on your car somewhere. Either in the engine bay or inside one of the door frames. You will also need to check the noseweight (which is the downward force of the caravan or trailer). For best stability and safety you shouldn't tow anything that exceeds 85% of the kerbweight of the vehicle.
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