Can you recommend a reliable, easy to drive medium-sized SUV, with low CO2 emissions?

I need a comfortable, medium-sized SUV to replace my Skoda Superb Estate Elegance 2.0, which was written off in a flood. My budget is around £15,000 but I need a car to cope with country life - ice, snow, mud and sometimes deep puddles. I can't afford an electric vehicle but would like an SUV that's a bit more climate friendly than my diesel Skoda (which was a dream to drive but a bit too big for me).

Asked on 6 December 2021 by Debbie Musselwhite

Answered by Andrew Brady
A Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV sounds like a good option. It's a plug-in hybrid with an official electric range of up to 32 miles. If you can charge it at home, it'll be able to cover short, local journeys without the petrol engine kicking in. It's a four-wheel-drive SUV and, while it's not a true off-roader, it should be a very dependable choice. Also consider a petrol alternative like a Kia Sportage or Skoda Karoq. Consider a two-wheel-drive version of these as you want a more climate-friendly model – a set of winter tyres will make a big difference in slippery conditions.
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