Which small automatic car should I buy?

I am looking for a small, reliable car that is easy to get in and out of, easy to drive and park, with good visibility.

I driver less than 1,000 miles per year and don't do any motorway driving.

I would like to buy a three year old car to make use of the depreciation value.

What is the best car for me? And when is the best time to buy a car?

Asked on 29 November 2021 by Jeya

Answered by Andrew Brady
We'd recommend a Kia Picanto. It's a brilliant little car that represents excellent value for money and is available with a reliable automatic gearbox. A high-spec example from 2018 will cost you around £10,000 - £12,000 and it'll still have the remainder of its original seven-year warranty remaining. Also look at the very similar Hyundai i10 or maybe the slightly bigger Hyundai i20. In terms of 'when is the best time to buy a car'... the answer, unfortunately, is not now! Used car prices are inflated due to the shortage of new models caused by the ongoing microchip shortage. It's not going to end any time soon but, if you can wait until next year, you might be able to get more for your money.
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