What happens if an electric vehicle loses charge on a motorway?

What happens if an electric car loses charge on a motorway? Can a breakdown company do a rapid charge from one of their vans? Does the car need to be towed/transported off the motorway to the nearest charging point?

What sort of notifications do most electric cars provide as charge nears its end?

Asked on 26 November 2021 by Brian Parker

Answered by Sarah Tooze
Traditionally, if you ran out of charge the breakdown company would have had to load the EV onto a flat-bed truck because many manufacturers don’t recommend towing electric cars as the car's motor is always mechanically connected to the wheels and does not have a true 'neutral' gear.

However, the AA has developed a 'freewheeling hub’ which fixes to the broken-down vehicle so it can be towed without the wheels touching the ground and rotating.

It is also possible to give the EV a power boost. The RAC has a mobile EV charging system which can give the car a 10-mile boost. By the end of this year it expects 200 of its patrol vans to be equipped with it.

An electric car will tell you how much range you have available with warnings to recharge as you get low.
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