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Reference your recent and on-going comments regarding 'speed cushions, I thought I would drop you a line about my own experiences, I also include photo. I drive a Jaguar X-Type Indianapolis, and have to admit fairly quickly at times. When I went to it one morning recently I found one of the tyres well deflated. I borrowed a neighbours foot-pump with the intention of putting enough air in to allow me to travel a couple of hundred yards to the local garage where I would be able to use their compressor and be on my way. Unfortunately/fortunately, after some while the foot-pump was proving next to useless and I was obliged to change the wheel for the spare. Subsequently I called at my local tyre company to enquire if they could repair my 'puncture' for me. I was aghast at what we discovered when examining the tyre, which you will notice from the photo is of the inside edge and not visible when on the car. Not being aware at the time of the effect of 'speed cushions' I immediately suspected a faulty tyre and was in the mood to contact Pirelli, but the tyre company advised against this saying they would come up with a number of reasons why it wouldn't be their fault. I elected to have the remaining wheels off for examination and was horrified to find another tyres showing similar signs of wear. For piece of mind I had all 4 tyres renewed, which for 225/40/ZR18's is not cheap, but what price safety as I shudder to think what might have happened had I been successful in inflating the first tyre.

Asked on 26 December 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Many thanks. That is typical damage from the chamfered edges of speed cushions. Seems to be particularly common on X-Types as you are the second reader today to have written of the same problem.
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