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I bought a new BMW 325i Coupe Auto in November 2006. At its first service, in November 2007 - at 2,827 miles - the oil and oil filter were changed. At the second service, in November 2008 - at 5,387 miles - it had a brake fluid and microfilter service. The car is used daily, but only for very short trips and only rarely is it used on the motorway for a 100 mile round trip. The present mileage reading is 7,400. What type of service would you recommend now at the car's third birthday?

Asked on 26 December 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Your kind of usage is actually the harshest on a car, so it needs a proper 3-year service. That should not entail another brake fluid change, though, as that should not be due until the 4th service.
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