A question you were asked the other day was: Could a man drive his wife's car after her insurance policy lapsed, using his own policy which allowed him to drive any car not owned or hired to him. You said "no" in your reply. Insurance Policies in this country have for years allowed us to drive cars not owned by us, typically with third party cover only. I realise that the Government has been pushing to change this, at least partly so that it will be easier detect uninsured drivers using ANPR, but if a policy says you can drive a car not owned by you, surely you CAN drive a car not owned by you - or am I missing something here?

Asked on 12 December 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
You'd better read your car insurance policy document carefully, then. Because though they used to offer this cover, increasingly they either
don't any more or impose severe restrictions on temporary third party
cover for other people's uninsured cars. There are now moves afoot to compel all privately owned cars to be continuously insured whether they are in use or not. This is to prevent, for example, a 17 year old obtaining cover for a Group 1 car, then using the 3rd party coverage to legally drive a friend's uninsured Pagani Zonda. And in any case if you go through an ANPR check in a car that is not on the MID you will be stopped and will have to prove you have cover or the car will be taken from you and you will have to find your own way home.
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