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We have just been sent a "Consultation" document regarding the proposed traffic calming measures for an area of about three quarters of a square mile round my house. This is absolutely appalling, a sledgehammer to crack a nut in the usual council way, it will cause maximum disruption not to mention the usual damage to vehicles. I have a vested interest as a speed table is to be built outside my house. It is supposed to be in the consultation stage but we have a feeling that it is all done and dusted and the backsheesh paid and spent. Is there anything we can do to stop it, or at least modify it to sensible proportions. So far we have started a petition. All submissions have to be received in 2 weeks, the area meeting is in 4 weeks. As you have views on these schemes we would greatly value your input.

Asked on 28 November 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Yes, demand a full breakdown of the costs and demand to know who gets the contract to install them, which the Freedom if Information Act allows you to do. Also demand to see the full results of the consultation document and check that it actually does represent pubic opinion of was faked. I am hoping to set up a speed cushions tests to find out exactly how long it takes them to rip up the inner sidewalls of car tyres. None of this was covered by the original TRL one-day test.
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