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On 18 July, M.P. from Loughborough took you to task over speedbumps stating "these provisions are often introduced after pressure from residents"! To quote Jim Royle, "My A****"!! In Liverpool the installing authority creates these hazards merely to preserve their own employment, even inventing spurious reasons for their installation. In the case that I made a direct formal objection to, they used many ruses: a drunk emerging from a pub at 22.30hrs who walked into the path of moving traffic and, my particular favourite, 3 multi vehicle crashes at a roundabout, during the morning rush hour? The crashes could be directly attributed to poor design of the roundabout, coupled with the council’s failure to control vegetation (which it planted) preventing safe line of sight. The panel that passed judgement on my protest refused to accept my statements of vehicular damage without irrefutable engineers reports to support my contention, yet they happily accepted uncorroborated statements concerning traffic speed without any form of factual evidence of their having ascertained the data about traffic speeds. Even worse, they refused to apply the 20 mph zone without the traffic-harming infrastructure, merely stating that Ministry advice is to combine the 2 separate parts, in all cases. (This despite there being at least 3 such zones without the bumps in our City?) By far the worst point of contention was the facts that neither of the officers moving the application, nor the Chairman of the panel actually held a Driving Licence. Did you know that during the "Extensive Testing Process" during 2004, by TRRL, only one single car was used to evaluate the risk posed to all types of car/tricycle/motorcycle/moped/scooter users. One Bus, One Taxi, One Fire Engine, One Ambulance, One HGV, and a single 2002/3 Model Vauxhall Astra, that’s the lot. Keep up the fight, ignore MP from Loughborough. Safe, law-abiding road users are being endangered by these proven hazards, what price honesty and openness in bringing about better road conditions?

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Answered by Honest John
These people are now on a backslide. They haven't got long left. The
trouble is the mess they have left us with will take a long time to clear
up. Yes, I am familiar with the inextensive yet expensive TRRL report (the taxi was actually damaged by the humps). ’Killer’ speed cushions actually took the lives of 46 people in 2007. They died as a direct result of tyre failures most likely to have been caused by the chamfered edges of these obstructions. Speed cushions have proliferated since then and many developed dangerously crumbling edges in the February 2009 frosts so the likely death toll by now must run into the hundreds. And yes, they also trip up elderly people and drunks trying to cross the road, breaking their legs. I’m trying to get an independent test set up to see how many speed cushions it takes to destroy the inner shoulders of car tyres.
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