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I e-mailed you some time ago asking for advice as to where I could receive instruction to learn how to drive my newly acquired Porsche Cayman better to make the most of the ‘B’ roads of this country within the limits of the law. I wasn’t interested in learning to drive round a track fast, but how to improve real world skills. You recommended the Porsche Driving Experience at Silverstone. Off I went and did a half day course which was excellent. The instructor listened to what I wanted to know and we spent the time learning how to deal with greasy road surfaces, icy hills, and general smooth flowing driving on a track that simulated a ‘B’ road. I came away with a whole host of things to practice and already and having more fun and to be frank, realizing how much more I have to learn. Thanks for the advice.
Secondly, can I recommend Event Mobile Tyre Service. I picked up two punctures in the first week of having my car necessitating a new tyre. Kwik Fit quoted £300, a local dealer £205 and Event £195.50. All the quotes included fitting and tyre disposal. The fitter came to my place of work, did the job in ten minutes with no damage to the alloy wheel and was courteous and polite. The tyre was a Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric, 265 35 R19 Y, with the ‘NO’ rating required by Porsche

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That's great news. Your e-mail actually appeared, sub head 'fast controller' in the paper on Saturday, 12th September so I'm very pleased you have confirmed that I gave the right advice. (I've now taken the course as well: www.porsche.com/silverstone) Thanks also for the plaudit for Event Tyres (www.event-tyres.co.uk). I have received this frequently and consequently recommended them to a lot more people, especially for runflats as they seem to have the best range of sizes and the most sensible prices.
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