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My girlfriend has generously bought me a full day's driving instruction with a racing driver at Oulton Park in my own car. It's a 2002 B MW M Coupe with 60K on the clock. Should I prepare the car in any way beforehand? And is there anything that I should look out for after I've finished e.g. what state the brakes might be in?

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Answered by Honest John
You didn’t kick the door of her Yaris shut, did you? Obviously a full service beforehand. Brake pads cannot be more than a third worn. Discs need to be in good shape. Tyres too. If the car is driven hard on the track you might need new brake discs, new pads and new tyres afterwards. The problem is, though you will probably only be out 5 laps at a time the nature of a track is it demands that a car be driven very hard. It's not like driving quickly on a public road. Just a word here: anyone thinking of taking a modified car to the Nurburgring better think again. The German police have become very hot on modifications that might be legal here but aren’t in Germany. So if you don’t want your car confiscated, check before you go at /tuv/index.html
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