The automatic gearbox in our Nissan Juke has seized. Should Nissan contribute to the repair?

My wife’s 6-year-old, 36,000-mile Nissan Juke has a seized automatic gearbox. There appears to be a lot of similar problems with the automatic gearbox. Do you think Nissan should make a substantial contribution to provide and fit a new gearbox?

Asked on 11 May 2021 by Jeff Crate

Answered by Dan Powell
I'm sorry to hear about the problems your wife is experiencing with her Nissan Juke. Sadly this is not an uncommon complaint (CVT gearbox failures are increasingly common on this car). You can see all of the reported problems for this generation of the Juke here:

If the vehicle has a full dealer stamped service history then I would expect them to make a 'goodwill contribution' on your behalf to Nissan UK. Otherwise, I think it would be better to get a second opinion from an independent garage. I would suggest taking the car to a member of:
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