We're hiring a car soon. What should we know beforehand?

We are hoping, if restrictions allow, to finally enjoy a holiday to Spain this August, which was postponed from last year. We plan to hire a car, probably something Fiat 500-sized, for the 8 days we are there. What should we do about insurance? They seem to be offering a comprehensive cover but should we take it or buy it separately? Is there anything else we should know? Thanks!

Asked on 5 May 2021 by alexl92

Answered by Honest John
Whatever vehicle you hire, walk around and take photos of it before you drive it. Photograph every panel, wheels, tyres, interior and document the dash — showing mileage and fuel level. This protects you when the vehicle is returned if they suggest you have damaged the vehicle. It's always easier to insure the vehicle with the hire provider, too. However, you could try some price comparison sites.
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