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My 1.8 TDCi Mondeo (fuelled with Shell V Power diesel) is only returning an average fuel economy of 41mpg. The car has done just over 1,000 miles. Is this a running in problem, or is the ECU in need of a remap, please? The car was first registered in February 2009. On a more general note, the engine seems to die if is not in the correct gear, and only has punch above 2,200 RPM. Is this a symptom of the same problem or am I eternally damned to drop a cog to get any acceleration? I'm used to the endless pull I used to get from my old 2.0TDCi?

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41 is pretty good for a car of this size with that horrible old Ford
diesel engine. Yes it has lousy torque below 2,000rpm. In fairness to Ford, it now does a 2.0 Mondeo ECOnetic in place of the old 1.8.
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