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Does the insurance company have the right to take my car away for inspection for repair after my accident? I asked if I could take it to their authorised repairer myself, they said no. If I don't let them take the car, they will cancel my insurance. I've been told by friends not to let the car go as it will come back even more damaged. What are my rights. The car is old but in good condition with only 60;000 miles on it, the accident was not my fault and I’ve had a quote of £150 for the repair.

Asked on 26 September 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Reads like they are attempting to write it off and offer you a paltry
settlement. You should not involve your insurer anyway. Sue the driver who crashed into you using the Small Claims Track at the County Court. I'm getting a lot of complaints about insurers trying this stunt and leaving people who had a decent old car with just a few hundred quid. Fortunately the recent appeal court judgement Copley v Lawn and Maden v Haller (17-6-2009) puts people like you in a much stronger position to assert your right to force the insurer to use a cheaper method to repair your car rather than allow him to use an expensive method to write it off. The same applies to the provision of temporary replacement cars.
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