We need a car with good ground clearance but most SUVs don't meet the requirement. What do you advise?

My partner and I are very fortunate to be taking early retirement and moving to Spain soon. Our property there is at the end of a 2km farmers' track, so we have been looking at cars with good ground clearance. However, we also expect to be driving around Europe so want a car that is economical and comfortable for long-distance driving. Many SUVs (e.g. Hyundai Tucson) may fit the bill, but their ground clearance isn't much higher than a standard car. Given that we will use the track a couple of times a week, but distance-wise most of our driving will be on smooth roads, should we just get a normal car and drive very carefully up & down the track, or is there a better compromise? Our budget is £13k to £18k and we'd like to keep the car for at least the next 5 years.

Asked on 19 April 2021 by Rich T

Answered by Andrew Brady
How about a rugged version of an estate car? Something like a Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, Skoda Octavia Scout or Volvo V60 Cross Country could fit the bill. They're four-wheel drive, with a bit of extra ground clearance and some extra body protection. With frugal diesel engines, they won't cost a fortune to run, although finding one might be tricky – they sold in much smaller numbers than comparable SUVs.
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