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We have just had our BMW320CI convertible serviced by AH Autos at Guildford (who offer a fantastic service at realistic prices). They have identified a cracked front wheel 225/40/18 and two buckled wheels, one a 225/40/18 and one 255/35/18. Have you come across this before and if so how have you resolved the problem? They have also identified 3 damaged tyres. I am thinking about getting a whole set of wheels and tyres from an Internet based company "Your Wheels Gateway". What are your thoughts on this line of action and should I specify any particular make of tyre for the best ride, etc.

Asked on 26 September 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Very common, basically because there isn't enough tyre between the rim and the road to protect the rim from potholes and speed humps. If you buy new wheels, get 16s or 17s and fit deeper profile tyres. Thanks for the recommendation.
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