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I have always wanted to buy a Q7 since they were launched but don’t want to spend more than £10K. I only will buy a one owner immaculate 3.0 Tdi sportline auto with the leather, satnav, FDSH. Given this car costs c. £42k and has been out since 06 when will these depreciate to the level of my budget? And have you any ides as to how to obtain the best one around. I am totally fed up with the Glasses Guide estimate of car depreciation when, after 3 years the actual market price is much more than anticipated. Without doubt this is the best of the best – much more kudos that that of the drug dealer X5.

Asked on 19 September 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
No one predicted the rise in values of vehicles like this after the huge
falls late last year. Bottom book for an 06/655 with 40k miles is £19,525, but you’d pay more at auction. To get a good one under £10k (assuming the economy recovers) I reckon you’ll have to wait another 4 years. Even if the economy does not recover, the RHD export market will keep prices up. Indonesia is now the fastest growing economy in the world with 250 million people, and that is RHD.
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