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My recently acquired son-in-law, a 28-year-old VAG mechanic, is seriously considering leaving his VAG Main Dealer employer to take over a Snap-on Tools franchise. It is seemingly an established round: garages and factories, etc. and the current franchisee is apparently being promoted within the organisation. It requires a payment of £5,000, coming from guess who? This payment, it seems, is not a fee, he’s told, but covers the cost of stock and the goodwill of the established round. Although being a complete layman on anything mechanical, I have heard of this Company and its products. I am desperately concerned, however, that both he and my daughter may be entering into a risky venture, and if it is not legitimate they could end up losing everything. I think that the deadline for making the decision is fast approaching. I would be extremely grateful for any knowledge, experience, advice, warnings, reassurances etc. that you could give, as naturally both my wife and I care deeply for them.

Asked on 5 September 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Snap-on tools are very highly regarded, but expensive. I would guess that the reason why the franchise is up for grabs is that garages and workshops are feeling the pinch and aren't buying. Your son needs to see this year’s figures and accounts for the business he is buying.
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