Original equipment manufacturer dealer-fitted accessories

I am considering buying a new car and ordering some dealer-fit original manufacturer accessories - roof box and carrier base (roof rack), door visors, wheel arch extensions, splash guards (mud flaps), door-side protectors etc.

The dealer tells me I don't have to inform my insurer as they are manufacturer's parts and fitted by the dealer (plus the roof-box and carrier are 'removable'), however I have also heard that you should inform your insurer about every 'extra' fitted to your car.

Who is correct and, if you must inform your insurer, does this mean everything and where do you stop?

Asked on 12 October 2015 by Compost Corner

Answered by Honest John
To be on the safe side you must 'disclose' all 'modifications' (all non-standard equipment for the model) to your insurer, especially things like a roof box. If you haven't bought the car yet, then far better to buy one with a greater load capacity than to fix something like a roof box on top because that will seriously affect the stability of the vehicle, its fuel economy and its emissions.
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