I'm considering an electric car but there seems to be a variety of charging systems, do you have any advice?

I currently have a Kia Picanto and I can visit any petrol station to fill up. I'm considering an electric car but there seems to be a variety of charging systems located in various places and requiring different plugs and sockets. How can I be assured the car I chose can be charged anywhere? Also, how much does it cost to charge a car?

Asked on 12 March 2021 by harryhyams

Answered by Andrew Brady
How many miles do you cover and can you charge a car at home? A lot of the latest electric cars can cover more than 200 miles between charges. If you can charge a car at home and rarely travel more than 100 miles from home, you won't need to worry about using public chargers.

If you do wish to travel further afield, public chargers are increasingly taking payment via contactless credit or debit cards which makes things easier (no need to download endless apps). The cost of charging varies from around 15p per kWh at home (depending on your tariff) to close to 40p per kWh for the most convenient public rapid chargers. This means a mid-range Volkswagen ID.3, for example, will cost around £8-9 for a full charge at home, or around £15 for a 10-80% rapid charge.

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