What's the difference between D and B on my automatic gearbox?

Just wondering if you can answer a question I'm getting conflicting views on - even from different people at my Honda main dealer! My new Jazz Hybrid has a CVT gearbox, but the auto selector includes two settings 'D' and 'B' - which I thinks means 'Drive' and 'Brake' (with more regeneration coming when 'B' is selected - i.e. Downhill) with 'D' being selected for 'normal' driving. But one salesperson is saying to select 'B' all the time, so now I am totally confused! The owner's manual is as clear as mud on the subject - so what is the right mode and why have two?

Asked on 9 March 2021 by Anthony Mitchell

Answered by Andrew Brady
As you've said, 'B' mode ramps up the regenerative braking which can improve fuel economy and save wear on the brakes. We'd recommend using this when you're driving in heavy traffic around town or travelling down a steep hill. At higher speeds, it's better to stick with 'D' mode and let the car coast when you lift off the accelerator. You don't want it slowing down of its own accord at motorway speeds. You'll soon learn the best times to use each different mode but, if not, stick with whichever feels the most natural to you. Neither will cause damage.
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