Are convertibles more expensive to insure?

My daughter, who's 23, is thinking of buying a car and she would really like a convertible. She has a Fiat 500 cabriolet and finds it underpowered, though she might find the same of any car she can afford to insure. What cabriolet might be affordable to insure? Would the fact that it has a soft top automatically bump up insurance costs? Thanks.

Asked on 22 February 2021 by Helen Adams

Answered by Andrew Brady
Cabriolets may affect insurance prices – they're generally seen as sportier and easier to break into (although that's not necessarily the case with the latest models). We'd recommend searching for insurance quotes to find out for sure. A Fiat 500 Cabrio could be a good option, or a Peugeot 108 Top. Also consider a MINI Convertible – although this is a bit bigger and could be more expensive to insure.
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