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As a family we have always been aware that drinking and driving don’t mix. A family member will give up drinking for the evening and ferry us about. Recently my daughter was stopped by the police and given a breath test in the morning as she was taking her babysitter back home with my granddaughter in the car. The previous evening we had a family birthday party and everyone used taxis to get back from the restaurant. The police stopped her as her stop bulbs were faulty. They asked if she had a drink in the last 24 hours and she said last night not very much and that she had quite a big breakfast and felt fine. Really she hadn't had that much to drink anyway. She was shocked to find that she was over the limit and has been banned from driving for 12 months, which has caused many problems with her part time job. We now have to pick up our granddaughter from school. We never thought that this could happen to us. We never thought you could be over the limit in the morning after a breakfast. We have looked at advertisements for home breathalysers. Are they any good and can you recommend one?

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Answered by Honest John
Yes, actually I can. I've had an Alcosense on test for a couple of months and can confirm that it gives a reasonably accurate warning. Everyone absorbs alcohol, slightly differently. Unlike your daughter, I'm lucky in the sense that I seem to be able to metabolise wine quite well, so even after 4 - 5 measures drunk over the course of an evening I still read low and nothing at all next morning. But some drinks don't go down well (such as Staropramen lager) and I can find myself way over after an evening in the pub. It’s definitely worth buying an Alcosense. Do some exercise, take antioxidants (grape juice in one of the best) and eat something next morning and you stand a good chance of getting rid of residual alcohol before you test yourself. This isn't trying to cheat the system. It's removing substances in your body that can affect your driving. Alcosense is on sale at Rowlands Pharmacies, Maplin, online from Halfords online, more information from
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Just a short note to see how you are getting on with the Alcosense Elite breathalyser we sent you for trial? Do you need any more information?

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