I thought my car tax was £150. Why am I being charged £475?

I've just purchased a 2017 Audi A4 Allroad lease car and was surprised that the car tax was £475. All the online checks I had made indicated that it was £150. When I leased the car, I'm sure the on the road price was under £40,000 - including the fitted extras. I have contacted the DVLA and they have asked for evidence of the 'on the road' price of the car when it was purchased. Can you advise me how I would now get this evidence? Thanks.

Asked on 26 January 2021 by Stephen Wills

Answered by Dan Powell
The Audi A4 AllRoad is a high spec and powerful luxury car. When this model was launched in 2017 the list price started at £36,710 for the 2.0 diesel and £38,425 for the 2.0 petrol. One or two optional extras would easily push the list price over the £40,000 threshold. You could contract the dealer that supplied the car to the lease company and ask them to provide the spec of the car when new (with the list price). But they will probably charge you for this service.
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