Can I take my motorhome to a garage during lockdown?

I bought a motorhome in October and since then I found out (from backtracking previous owners in the history) that it has not had a cambelt fitted in the past. It's 11 years old. Can I take it in to have the cambelt and water pump replaced while in lockdown? It's been cancelled 3 times and now it's booked in on 18 January. Would I be breaking the law by taking it in while in lockdown?

Asked on 11 January 2021 by Derek

Answered by Georgia Petrie
If your vehicle is due for an MoT or service, you may be allowed to take it into a garage, but it isn't advised to go anywhere that isn't local for anything that isn't essential. Non-essential repairs are best left until the lockdown is eased or ends entirely. Considering that it's a motorhome rather than a car, I would say that isn't essential work. Now that the measures are reflected in law, police will be enforcing them.
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