How much would a cylinder head replacement cost?

My Corsa has a cracked cylinder head. Could you please advise me what the prices are for a replacement? I've been loosely told by a mechanic in my garage it'd be £1400.

Asked on 7 January 2021 by Heather M P

Answered by Georgia Petrie
That will be dependent on a number of factors that we can't estimate very accurately as they're to do with the garage you use and where you live. It also includes hours of labour, cost of labour, cost of parts etc. Your best bet is to call around to local garages and get some quotes. A very rough estimate would be between £600 and £1000. The garage that's quoted you £1400 may be right if they're also accounting for labour costs - but I would call around and get some quotes regardless. Saying that, if you use the garage that quoted you £1400 (roughly) regularly and you trust them, sometimes it's worth paying a bit more for a service you know will be reputable. I'd Google any garage before calling and see what their Google Review score is too.
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