My car is 130 miles from my house. How do I obtain an MOT during lockdown?

I own a vehicle that's parked 130 miles from where I live. The MOT is due in early February. As there is currently a lockdown, what do you suggest I do about obtaining a new one?

Asked on 6 January 2021 by nomeandude

Answered by Georgia Petrie
If your car is due for an MoT, you may be allowed to take it into a garage, but it isn't advised to go anywhere that isn't local for anything that isn't essential. Now that the measures are reflected in law, police will be enforcing them. You haven't really given enough info (why the car is 130 miles away, where it's parked etc), so I can't be that helpful. Unfortunately - if you can't get to the car - and people aren't advised to leave home unless it's essential until the lockdown is over, especially not out of the local area - to take it for an MoT, the MoT will lapse.

If it's parked on a public road - you may then be fined for not having valid insurance, too. If it's not parked on the public highway and you're concerned the MoT will lapse, you could SORN it and keep it off the road. Some garages (including Halfords) are doing pickups and collections for vulnerable people who need MoTs done, so you could perhaps organise that with a garage or MoT station close to your car - but obviously they'd need the key so it depends on a few factors.
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