How do I proceed when the Motor Ombudsman says they can't do any more?

I have an Audi Q3, which has a prominent clicking noise (and feel) in the steering wheel, developed about two years from new. It was discovered while the car was under warranty. Audi failed to fix it, and post-warranty refused to continue fixing it. The Motor Ombudsman upheld my case. Audi attempted to fix again twice - failed both times. Now, they are refusing to fix the car. They are saying they have no evidence of the adjudicator's decision - though they have a reference number. Also, in the past, the adjudicator received the acceptance of the decision from them. Audi UK says I should arrange for the Ombudsman to contact them and provide evidence. The Ombudsman says they ruled, and can't do any more.

My car is currently with Audi garage. I have reported this to Trading Standards, too. This being an appalling situation and shocking customer service from Audi, where do I stand with this all?

Asked on 2 December 2020 by Denis

Answered by Dan Powell
If I had to make a guess, I'd say it's a worn joint. Send the dealer a copy of the Motoring Ombudsman judgement. If they refuse to help, seek legal advice. Citizen's Advice is a good place to start, their legal assistance is free.
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