My windscreen takes a long time to demist, is that normal?

I have a newish Skoda Karoq Scout. Recently, I returned to my car after an evening out and my car was so misted up, the windscreen took 15 minutes to clear. I booked the car into a Skoda garage to check out the problem and they said nothing was wrong. They suggested driving with the air con on all the time, which is expensive, as well as demisting the air circulation and air-con on. I have tried this and it still takes a long time to demist. Do you think they are correct in that there is nothing wrong with the car?

Asked on 27 November 2020 by

Answered by Dan Powell
The air conditioning should never be switched off. The car's ventilation system is designed to operate with the air-con switched on 100 per cent of the time, with the air conditioning emitting dry air that demists the windows and prevents them from misting up again. Switching off the air-con for long periods will result in the joints drying out and the refrigerant gas escaping. You will also risk compressor sizing up.
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