Red flog act 2

Politicians do not think like ordinary people and sadly they are rarely "honest". The intention to introduce blanket 20mph speed limits on residential roads and 50 mph limits on all single carriageway A roads currently rated at 60mph are cases in point. The reasons for the proposed changes are predictably touted as lofty moral attempts to reduce road deaths save the planet and make the UK a better place to live. There are even some sympathetic statistics, but few can have any confidence that adjusted, smoothed and corrected as they are, that they have not be selectively massaged along with all the other data that emanates from HMG. The REAL POLITICAL reasons for the reduction in limits are :- 1: having misappropriated Billions of pounds of duty and taxes from the road network to waste on daft projects instead of the roads the funds should have been used to maintain it has just dawned on the Government that the road system is in such decay they can't afford to repair them. Progressively unfit for purpose they see reducing the speed limits as a way of avoiding the nasty accidents that will occur if road vehicles are allowed to pound themselves to destruction on our Third World Roads. 2. The reduction to 50 mph on A roads has a secondary purpose of delaying journeys to such an extent that determined travellers will have no alternative but to use Motorways, which the Government will willy-nilly turn into toll roads. 3 The reduction in speed limits to ridiculously low levels will encourage speeding and therefore an increase in revenue from "Speed Cameras". 4 The changes are due to come into force after the next general election so the Labour Lot hope that it will be the Conservatives who the electorate will blame and so they will avoid carrying the can. Any chance of concerted civil action to stop this constant highway robbery.

Asked on 30 May 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Perish the thought of leading an insurrection against Big Brother. Britain is the now most scrutinised nation on earth. Our every move is being watched in case any of us dare to rise up against those who control us.
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