We had our MoT done early and the car failed. Why was it immediately flagged as having no MoT?

My son's MoT was due to expire on 20 November with the Covid-19 extension. He took his car in early, on 2 November, and it failed. Straight away, the 20th date was cancelled and it was flagged up on 5 November as having no MoT. Before, you had time to get the repairs done and re-MOT it before the expiry date. Please can you advise your readers? Thank you.

Asked on 11 November 2020 by martin

Answered by Dan Powell
Presumably, the car has failed due to a Dangerous defect? If so, it is standard practice (and has been for many years) for the car to be classed as unroadworthy - because it is in a condition that's likely to cause an accident.

Remember, your son is responsible for making sure the vehicle is always safe to drive. It can be unsafe even if you have a current MoT certificate. If you use a vehicle with a dangerous fault you can be fined £2500, be banned from driving or get points on your licence.
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