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I have looked at a Beetle 2 litre cabriolet automatic. The car is a 2006/56 with 24k miles and a service having been stamped in the book at 17k. When looking under the bonnet, I took the oil filler cap off and a creamy pasty gunk was under the cap and around the entrance. Knowing a little from when II was younger, this is possibly a head gasket problem. Is this the case with the 2 litre 8v and are there any problems with this engine. The car is with a VW authorised dealer. What is it likely to be and should this be the case after 24k miles?

Asked on 23 May 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Could be. Or could simply be that it has been started up and switched off repeatedly over the winter without getting up to a temperature that would have evaporated off the condensation in the engine, so it simply emulsified. The engine needs an oil flush and oil change. There have been some oil consumption issues with this engine on Longlife oil.
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