Can I fit tyres with a lower speed rating than the original tyres?

My daughter has a MINI Paceman fitted with run-flat tyres. She would like to fit all-season tyres but can only find ‘H’ rated tyres in this size. Would these be suitable? I’m aware that some garages will not fit tyres with a lower speed rating than the original fitment.

Asked on 28 October 2020 by Stan Rivers

Answered by Georgia Petrie
While we don't generally recommend lowering the speed rating to anything less than was originally fitted to your vehicle, winter tyres are usually only available in lower speed ratings than standard summer tyres. If your daughter does opt for a lower speed rating, ensure she's only dropping by one, e.g. V to H but not T. To avoid any issues, she should check what size and speed rating is recommended by MINI via the customer services or the vehicle's handbook.
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