Is there any harm in me getting intermittent, smaller services done somewhere other than the main dealer?

I've bought a 2019 BMW 320d Touring with an auto transmission. This is now a 1-year-old car and it has covered 10,000 miles. When I bought it from the BMW dealer, I asked about getting an oil change carried out on it. They replied (of course) that the onboard service indicator computer was indicating that it is not due for a service yet - the computer states that the service is due in 9000 miles. I know that you have for a long time recommended carrying out an annual oil change every 10,000 miles so I booked the car in for an oil change service at my local garage (not my local BMW dealer). I plan to get the 20,000-mile service carried out by the main BMW dealer, but to continuing to use the local (non-franchise garage) for intermittent/annual oil changes. Are you still recommending an annual / 10,000-mile oil change on such cars with extended service/long-life oil? Do you see any problems with me carrying out this intermittent oil change at my local garage and then the big/every other service at the BMW dealership?

Asked on 26 October 2020 by bladd.drwg

Answered by Andrew Brady
Using the car's service indicator as a guide will keep the warranty valid but there's certainly no harm in being cautious with oil changes - particularly if you're planning to keep the car a long time. Make sure your local garage uses approved parts (i.e. the correct oil and filter) but, otherwise, your approach sounds a sensible one.
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