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After more than 40 years motoring I have it in mind to enjoy myself with a second-hand Nissan 350Z. As they are not popular for economy and duty reasons, I wondered if they might be making appearances at car auctions. If such is the case is there anybody knowledgeable who keeps tabs on auctions nationwide, who could find a potential motor and who could bid on my behalf if it was outside my area?

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Answered by Honest John
Great cars, now starting at less than £10k at auction for a Jap import 350Z 280PS. But high tax, very juicy, clutches can be short lived and the only way someone will bid for a car for you is if you either stump up a fat deposit upfront or pre-pay, otherwise they could be left with the car. There are links to auction buyers in the buying and selling section of useful websites directory at www.honestjohn.co.uk These include: www.auctioncarbuyer.co.uk; www.auctioncarsdirect.co.uk; www.cars-on-commission.com; www.autobarn-cars.co.uk; www.carauctionbuyer.com .
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