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Speed awareness curse

To help drivers avoid speeding tickets I have in mind is a very simple panel with six clear numbers on it, synchronised with the speedometer - 2 3 4 5 6 and 7. Thus for example on entering a motorway you press the number 7 and the panel will give a bleep when 70 mph is reached. No need to watch the speedometer, you can concentrate on the road. Similarly, on entering a 30 mph limit you press the number 3. I agree speed limits may vary and you will need to be alert to spot the changes, but in general it will provide a safeguard. It will not govern your speed but simply warn you when a particular speed is reached. This would be extremely helpful to everyone and a contribution to safety. I believe all cars should be fitted with it.

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I see what you mean. SAAB used to fit a system like this, and early Citroen C2s had it too. The idea now seems to have been overtaken by cruise control and speed limiters. Usually, a speed limiter cannot be used in conjunction with cruise control. It's one or the other. PSA’s works in 1mph increments, which is a bit fiddly. Volvos works in 5mph increments, which is better. I guess what you suggest could be a next stage of development. There was a proposal for a GPS system that automatically limited you to the prevailing speed limit and that has been trialled, but taking control away from the driver in this manner is very dangerous and there would also be a question of manufacturer rather than driver liability if a crash resulted.
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