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I have owned a Jaguar XKR from new in 2004. It has been driven approximately 14,000 miles and recently (at Gatwick Jaguar) I was charged £850.00 for its 60,000-mile service. Jaguar knocked off around £100.00 immediately, when I complained of the ridiculous costs. Last week I was driving home and the GEARBOX FAULT message came up (this had happened when the car was 6 months old). I breathed a sigh of relief when I found my extended warranty still ran until the end of the month. The car was collected and taken to Gatwick Jaguar under the extended warranty agreement; in short Jaguar initially diagnosed "a spurious code" had thrown up a fault in the system, possibly linked to the connections/wiring; upon further investigation it turned out that after spending a day on the analysis - (as they had not seen this before) it was diagnosed as a "resident memory fault". Jaguar is now saying I have to pay them for this, as the warranty does not cover the "fault" as no mechanical work was undertaken. The engineer told me that there is not a fault after all. So why did he call it "a resident memory fault" - and how if a "spurious" code was "thrown" into the system is it not a fault. The dealer has advised if I am worried about the future reliability of the gearbox that I should extend the current warranty? It beggars belief.

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Answered by Honest John
Interesting one. You could take the matter of the charge to the Small
Claims track of the County Court, arguing, reasonably, that you were sold a warranty by the dealer, an indication of a fault occurred, so why should you pay for the dealer to diagnose that it was spurious? The fact that a fault was indicated spuriously is itself a fault. (G.R. reported back that the threat of this had the desired effect.)
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