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On the 1st of August 2008, I purchased a second-hand RAV-4 from a used car dealer and also purchased an additional two-year warranty from them. My RAV 4 is 3 years old (in Dec 08) and the mileage stated on the vehicle at the time of purchase was 68,385. I work in Central London and mostly depend on public transport, which is why I have only driven the car 1000 miles. However on my first long distance trip from Harrow to Reading, I experienced a fault with the clutch. I recently took the RAV 4 to Octagon Bracknell Toyota Dealer for an investigation. Octagon confirmed there was a fault with the clutch that would need replacing and cost approximately £2,570 to repair. As stated in the warranty handbook, Octagon spoke to the dealer warranty people who said the fault was due to the wear and tear of the clutch and not due to a mechanical fault and therefore refused any liability. This is outrageous and I am disappointed and frustrated that I am refused any help or assistance and am left with a car that is non drivable and that will obviously give me further expenses on top of recently purchasing a second hand car. Could you please advise me what I now need to do to resolve the problem.

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Answered by Honest John
Then you have to sue the dealer using the small claims track at the county court for the cost of the repair, stating that the fault must have been present or developing on the date you bought the car. It's a very common fault on the RAV-4 manual, especially diesels.
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