Should I use a car cover on a classic stored in a garage?

Is it best to keep a classic car under a proprietary, breathable, car cover in a well-ventilated garage or just a cotton dust sheet? I have been told these covers cause the paint to bister eventually. is this correct? Your comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

Asked on 21 September 2020 by

Answered by Keith Moody
A good indoor car cover is a must. Get one that protects against moisture but that's also breathable. And make sure it's thick enough to offer some protection from bumps and knocks. Hamilton Classic does a good range of indoor car covers ( Remember you'll need to clean the car every time you put the cover on it. The cover itself will need cleaning so check that you can either wash the cover while it's the car or that you have access to a suitably sized washing machine.
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