Should I buy a cover for my car?

Are protective covers worth buying? I wonder if buying a cover to protect my car from bird lime and other contaminants is worth buying. Are they likely to damage the paint work through rubbing due to wind moving the cover? Some bespoke covers can cost over £150 so its quite an investment to make. I wonder what your thoughts are on buying protective covers for vehicles parked outside?

Asked on 30 April 2020 by 4matt

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Depending on who you ask, you'll get different answers. Generally, we say no to cover a car but if you're willing to invest in a good one then we'd recommend it. Here are some things to bear in mind when you buy one though: breathability is important when you're buying a car cover because moisture trapped under a cover can damage the paintwork. But you generally want something that's easy to use, fits well and will be secure in high winds.

Aside from the actual cover, there are some things to bear in mind about covering a car. Don't put a cover on a wet or dirty car, it needs to breathe. Likewise, don't keep the cover on for days at a time. If the cover becomes saturated with water, then stays on the car, the water can get into the paint. Then when it gets warmer, blisters can appear in the paintwork. Also, try to find a loose fitting car cover, tight fitting covers don't let the air circulate - which is essential.
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