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Having read your car-by-car breakdown I think you’re bang on the money about the two cars we currently have. I would appreciate some advice over a new car. My requirements are: I am quite tall at 6ft and my wife is short at 4ft 10". Both of us need to drive the vehicle. Our requirements are a convertible, either metal or fabric roof. Must be automatic as one driver (me) has use only of 1 leg so no more than 2 pedals. This also discounts cars with foot operated parking brakes. The maximum budget is £40k including PX, would consider new or up to 2 years old. We both enjoy driving we want something sporty and rewarding to drive with good performance and handling to match. I’m currently running around in a 2002 Porsche Boxster 2.7 Tiptronic and a 2005 Nissan Almera 1.8 SE auto. I would sell/PX the Porsche and keep the Nissan. My wife loves the Porsche, I find it a bit cramped on a long journey, as my false right leg is wedged tight against the fuse box, but the pleasure of driving it compensates for this. Not concerned about fuel consumption as annual mileage will be approx 5k, consisting of short and longer runs.

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Mazda has just launched a 6-speed automatic version of the MX-5 2.0 roadster and roadster coupe. And there will be an automatic version of the Nissan 370Z. But expect a high annual tax bill for the latter and it won’t be easy to see out of for someone 4’ 10”. MB has cut the emissions of its SLK 200, 280 and 350, so that’s worth adding to the list. There’s a new BMW Z4 on the way. And you can get any power output you want in the BMW E93 3-Series coupe cabrio.

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