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Which cars will take three isofix child seats?

Which SUVs and estate cars can take 3 isofix child seats? Might consider a people carrier if nothing else! Best wishes and thanks.

Asked on 17 August 2020 by Paul Coffey

Answered by Georgia Petrie
It's dependent on the size of the child seats as much as it is the car - especially if the seats will change as kids grow. Some cars will take three across a back row, but they're usually very large cars to accommodate the width of the child seats. I'd also test the seats in the car before you put any money down because some cars offer 3 isofix points but won't fit three seats at once. Dealers should allow you to try the seats in any potential car. Top 10 cars that will take three child seats: heycar.co.uk/blog/top-10-cars-take-three-child-sea...s
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