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When I took my new Subaru Forester for a test drive I noticed it had zero kilometres on the clock, although it had been brought from another site for me. When I queried this I was told it was a setting on the computer, which they start when you buy it. It is to “minimise the kilometres shown for the owner's benefit” when he comes to sell it. Although boll**x, it's yet another way the cars are fiddled. It of course may have just had its cable detached, either way I found it interesting.
Secondly, I know you are not 'directory enquiries', but with the recession I was hoping to find a bargain LHD Porsche Carrera (non turbo), and used to view a website: www.LHDporsche.com, based near Uxbridge, I think, but it seems to have disappeared. Any clues?

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Answered by Honest John
There is a limited allowance for re-setting to remove delivery miles, but not thousands of miles. Sterling has fallen so far against the Euro that the £ actually now buys 50% less Eurozone car than it did. Sterling £1 = €1.5, £10,000 buys a €15,000 car. Sterling £1 = €1.0, it now takes £15,000 to buy a €15,000 car. Which is why many UK businesses specialising in Eurozone purchases have folded. And why the cost of everything in the UK will go up at least 20% this year.
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