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In April 2005 I returned a Citroen C5, which had come to the end of a three year lease, with slightly less than the agreed 45,000 miles on the clock. The car was collected by a third party on behalf of Banque PSA Finance, and at the time of collection I was asked to sign a form agreeing to certain items of "damage" such as stone chips on paintwork, scratched bumpers and the like. I refused to sign on the grounds that the slight imperfections were fair wearand tear. I was sent a bill from Banque PSA for £385 that I have refused to pay, for the above reason. Ever since there have been numerous letters back and forth, threats of legal action from Banque PSA which have not been carried out, and in all this time I have consistently refuted their assertion that this was anything other than fair wear and tear. I recently tried to open a new bank account with my current bank and was refused because Experian Credit has a "black mark" on my account placed by Bank PSA finance saying I have defaulted on this payment. At no time was I informed by Banque PSA that they were taking this action. My question is can they blacklist a person who is in dispute over an amount like this? And what can I do to get my credit rating restored? Banque PSA has informed me that until I pay £452.38 nothing will happen and then it will show on my credit score as "resolved". I feel this is unfair and unjustified. Short of taking expensive legal advice, I don't know where to turn.

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Answered by Honest John
It will be a condition of the lease that the car is returned in unmarked condition. If you want to dispute this then you can do so via the small claims track at the county court. But it might simply be more expedient to pay for the damage and resolve the matter that way.
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