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I'm a pensioner considering buying what will probably be my last car. I'm looking at Picanto, Jazz, i10, Aygo etc., either new or no more than one year old; small and cheap to run, and I'm wondering if the life expectancy of a car is related to the price. Is an expensive car a better deal over time than a cheapie? Could I expect any of these cars to still be functional in, say, 10 years time?

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Answered by Honest John
I'd go for an i10 1.2 Comfort or Style. Great little car. Good to drive. Practical. Well equipped. And very economical. As for long life, I can't say. Best we've ever done long-term was a 1998 Mondeo 2.0LX, bought at auction, ex-rental, for £8,000, did about 90k miles in 9 years, no major components replaced, not even the exhaust. Sold a few months ago for £600. £800 a year for 9 years with no trouble is very good. Obviously cars bought to sell are a bit different. One of my best smokers was a FIAT Tipo 1.4S, run for 6 months then sold for £600 more than I paid for it.

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