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What do you make of the information film currently on TV to promote the wearing of seat belts? In the scenario: a head-on collision between identical cars travelling at the same speed, so that each stops dead (or at least within the depth of its crumple zone) - it is suggested that the lethal factor is the heart and lungs bursting on impact with the rib cage. But the deceleration suffered by the driver will be greater if he is restrained by a locked safety belt, than stopped by a resilient air-bag. The best reason for wearing a seat belt is to prevent you being thrown out of the vehicle, so why does HMG have to dress up its safety message in pseudo-scientific claptrap?

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This has been discussed in the Backroom forum at , with contributions of doctors who have written the death certificates of drivers killed in this way. It's because the driver is flung forward at greatly accelerated speed rather than retained in his seat. When he is stopped by the dashboard, steering wheel or airbag, his organs don't stop. As the commercial tells you.
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